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Here is the kit used for the "live" set at the ATP Festival in April 2003 in the UK
Evolver is the from Dave Smith Instruments, the big daddy of the Prophet 5
the EDP-GNAT opened the set 
close on its heels came the Synthi-AKS

live_rig.jpg (106509 bytes)

this my live set- up at the ATP Festival


GnatEvolver.jpg (110844 bytes)

EDP - Gnat + Dave Smith's Evolver


Synthi-AKS.jpg (105403 bytes)

My "custom" built EMS Synthi with AKS 
from Robin Wood, EMS in Truro, Cornwall


The main workhorse is a Pentium IV, 
current spec is 1.5 GHz, 1.5GB RAM, with a variety of disks,
SCSI for real-time recording, IDE for storage, 
Soundblaster Platinum Live + Scope/SP V4 + DSP booster cards. 
Matrox dual headed grafix card + 2 x 19" Monitors
I use my trusty 'ole Atari ST-E, 4MB RAM + 544MB hard disk, 
to create samples and other bits
using software from Electronic Cow.

The analogues are controlled via Kenton MIDI to CV
converters Pro-4 + Pro-2000.

Dscn3413a.jpg (96053 bytes)    Dscn3419a.jpg (161741 bytes)

On left Atari ST-E 
Main workhorse PC with Scope V4 on screens
On top of rack 3 x Yamaha TX7 fm synthis
In the racks 3 x Unitor8 MkII
Waldorf Microwave II
Creamware NOAH-EX
Kurzweil K2000R(S) with 64MB RAM
EMU - XLead 1
Prophet VS (R)
2 x Yamaha TG77
3 x Fostex VC8 AD/DA converters

Korg Synthis.jpg (81353 bytes)

top left Korg MS10 (synthi); top right Korg MS20 (synthi)
middle left Korg SQ10 (analogue sequencer); middle right Korg MS20 (synthi)
bottom left Korg SQ10 (analogue sequencer); bottom right Korg MS50 (synthi-expander)

KorgMS20.jpg (91889 bytes)    KorgMS50.jpg (98802 bytes)

close up on the above MS20 + MS50

Mixer1.jpg (66251 bytes)    Mixer2.jpg (86378 bytes)

Tascam 2624 MkII

Snippit.jpg (70288 bytes)    SoundDiver.jpg (97633 bytes)

left picci: "Snippit" Granular Synthesiser with resonance + chorus
on Atari ST-E, software from Electronic Cow

right picci: SoundDiver editor software

(editing a TG77 patch)


Dscn3423a.jpg (114165 bytes)    Dscn3420a.jpg (105396 bytes)

close up of screens showing Scope Professional V4


Studio Rack.jpg (109571 bytes)

top left Minimoog; top right Roland SH-101
middle left EMS Synthi-A; middle right EDP Wasp DeLuxe
bottom left EDP Gnat; bottom right Ensoniq VFX-SD MkII
(right in top left corner of the picci are the Kenton Pro-2000 on top of the
Kenton Pro-4 MIDI to CV converters)

Dscn3430a.jpg (104341 bytes)

Voyager 336, "by Robert Moog"

a rarity, specially doctored for the UK

Synthi-A1.jpg (93951 bytes)    Synthi-A2.jpg (98073 bytes)

customised EMS Synthi-A incorporating
temperature stabilised oscillators
LFO/Audio switch on Oscillators 1 + 3
Portamento Control + switch
Oscillator 2/3 Sync Control + switch
Voltage Inverter
Oscillator 2 Voltage Control Shape

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